Julee Browning

924977e6e33348ac94a824e8e2c2dd6cTitle: Manager

Company: Aviation Security Service

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

By following her heart and pursuing what really interested her, Julee Browning has believed in her abilities as a social anthropologist and psychologist to provide 10 professional years offer skills and expertise to her leadership, from a new and different perspectives. Celebrating her first year as a manger of continuous improvement at Auckland’s Aviation Security Service, she provides new initiative and change management, while overseeing the organizational development at a district level by planning strategy, handling project and new initiative implementation, and evaluating progress and reports. Ms. Browning just recently accepted this new permanent national manager position, but is intent on ensuring an expansion of both skills, experience and stretch challenge her to grow her potential. Continue reading

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Mechell Turner

1983b4580fe34dc6ab6164a3dc920e68Title: Owner

Company: Simply Herbal, NC

Location: Peachland, N.C.

Ms. Turner has been mixing and selling herbs for more than 10 years, but has 29 years of experience in herbal medicine and consultations. About a year ago, she opened a store front in North Carolina called Simply Herbal, NC, conducting herbal consultations and helping customers find the right herb for illness or issue. Ms. Turner also has a whole foods grocery store where she sells a wide variety of gluten-free and whole foods; her products can be purchased on her website, as well. She attributes her success to passion for herbs, the pregnant mothers that come into the store, stubbornness and her ability to see things through.

Initially, Ms. Turner became involved in her profession through her family history, which got her involved in natural herbs. Her great-grandfather was a Native American medicine man that used natural forms of medicine. Also, when dealing with pregnant women in her classes, she found they were looking for natural herbs that can be taken while pregnant. In five years, Ms. Turner would like to be in a larger store that has more manufacturing space for her to make her herbs. She would also like to be a speaker and go out and share her knowledge.

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Gail Taylor-Smith

6628c28396d249c8a6bdd93083335c4eTitle: Director of Strategic Technology

Company: The Boeing Company

Location: Redondo Beach, Calif.

For nearly half her career, Gail Taylor-Smith has served The Boeing Company. Currently as their director of strategic technology, she provides the manufacturer with expertise in operations fluidity to help them build aircraft and defense systems based on strategic technology services and development. Specifically, Ms. Taylor-Smith reviews technology and manages technical development, drawing upon her passion for taking upon challenges and perseverance to remain continuously successful. Continue reading

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Mary Swift

terumoTitle: Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs Operations

Company: Terumo Cardiovascular Systems

Location: Ann Arbor, Mich.

Wielding 36 years of medical support services, Mary Swift continues in her third year as a senior manager of regulatory affairs operations through Terumo Cardiovascular Systems. As a medical device manufacturer, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems relies on her expertise in oncology and microbiology to handle compliance related issues, interact with one of the major Federal Regulatory Agencies recall coordinator, and handle release labeling, distribution, and all areas of operations, while providing product manufacturing for certified approval of blood manufacturing, distribution to hospitals, and other health care related institutions. Initially, Ms. Swift became involved in her profession after an initial experience involving medical technology in the health care industry. Continue reading

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Rachel Ann Weiss

b6a1d0a4b3304d46a306db3dbfcbeb3fTitle: Lead Data Security Analyst

Company: UPS, Inc.

Location: Mahwah, N.J.

Honing in on 37 years of expertise in information technology services, Rachel Ann Weiss has served the past eight years as lead data security analyst for UPS, Inc. As an expert in performance capacity planning, she mentors a team of six in order to care for mid-range platforms, manage and audit access controls, and audit 2,000 servers on a daily basis. She attributes her success to her tenacity and long-range vision, having initially become involved in her profession because computer software systems is her passion, and building these was something she was interested in doing as a full-time job. In five years, Ms. Weiss hopes to continue being open and ready to embrace change. Continue reading

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