Helen Schwoerer

2d4b243a1eac48e2ba304b6fe45a1679Title: District Merchandising Execution Manager

Company: The Home Depot U.S.A. Inc.

Location: Kimberly, Wisc.

Each step of Helen Schwoerer’s career has been important both personally as well as to her family. Completing Level Three Master Trainer Certification in 2008 was extremely rewarding. With her new direction as district merchandising execution manager for The Home Depot., she expects to also achieve great things. In five years, Ms. Schwoerer intends to become a store manager and experience professional growth. Continue reading

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Lesley Rust-Story

979fce6372fa464b99abff3d47176c03Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Proparms Ltd.

Location: Carignan, Quebec

As a woman, Ms. Rust-Story recalls that she has faced the glass ceiling in terms of her gender. However, many of her closest associates and colleagues have been amongst her strongest supporters throughout the years. Most have been men.  Some, both within and without the company, have been the mountains she have been forced to climb in running shoes. Within her company today, and she believes the people one chooses as ones employees, are as critical in terms of intellectual property as the product itself – are some outstanding men and women that she is pleased and proud to call her team. But like every business owner, the forging of this team has not been without some major mistakes in terms of the ‘right fit.’ She takes full responsibility for choosing wisely…and for choosing unwisely. Continue reading

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Marianne Roux

5eb3f642a2e1407783b1f7a9d7bbde5dTitle: Director

Company: StirlingRoux Consulting

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Ms. Roux saw the need for a consultancy for nonprofits, so she decided to enter the consultancy field, currently serving as director of StirlingRoux Consulting.  Now, in her 23rd year with the consultancy, she continues to build expertise in strategic leadership, organizational development, and female mentorship development. The highlight of Ms. Roux’s career has been working with South African companies. Continue reading

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Lynn Rogers

UntitledTitle: Owner, Founder

Company: Conex Roofing Company

Location: Chino, Calif.

Lynn Rogers became involved in her profession because she wanted to utilize her strong business management and organizational skills. Now, she is owner and founder of Conex Roofing Company with 16 years of entrepreneurship in the commercial roofing industry. In five years, Ms. Rogers hopes to expand her business. Continue reading

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Corrie Pieterse

598927_479396848741865_625036647_nTitle: Director of Operations

Company: Cashback South Africa Pty Ltd

Location: Randburg, South Africa

As an expert in accuracy, precision, and organization, Corrie Pieterse continues in her fifth year for Cashback South Africa Pty Ltd. Currently as director of operations, she provides the value-added tax reclaim company through consulting with her customers.  In five years, Ms. Pieterse hopes to triple her income, expand her company and get as much business as possible in the African markets. Continue reading

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