Dori Anderson

5c0801_c6bb9b39aab07f9444aef4725b353366.png_srz_p_274_320_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzTitle: Owner, Muralist

Company: Murals by Dori Just Faux You

Location: Kearns, Utah

Dori Anderson has been coloring on walls, ceilings and floors since before she can remember. Art has always come naturally to her, as she is a self taught artist, and Top Female Executives is honored to have her on board as a seasoned entrepreneur in the arts and design field. As she is currently the owner of Murals by Dori Just Faux You, Ms. Anderson intends to continue her small business and grow her customer base throughout this and into the next decade. Continue reading

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Karen Sartele

3851601a23ff4f3cb31232980c48d0fcTitle: Realtor

Company: Re-Max Premier Realty

Location: Fruitland Park, Fla.

As a 13-year expert in short sales, Kareen Sartele continues in her fifth year as realtor for Re-Max Premier Realty. As a real estate company, Re-Max Premier Realty relies on her to provides commercial and residential property management to clients. Ms. Sartele’s greatest achievement has been starting her franchise through Re-Max and making it successful. Continue reading

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Susan Romano-Davis

indexTitle: Director, Account Manager

Company: Sumar Consultants Limited

Location: La Romain, Trinidad and Tobago

Garnering nearly three decades of expertise in financial planning and change management, Susan Romano-Davis continues in her 18th year as director and agency manager at Sumar Consultants Limited. As a financial consultancy, Sumar Consultants Limited relies on her 29 years of seasoned experience and leadership to bring them above and beyond normal operations. Ms. Romano-Davis attributes her success to her ability to build relationships and maintain them, as well as her faith. Continue reading

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Lee-Ann Thompson

7e01729174844dc18450ab6b3882d487Title: Creative Director

Company: AlexisCoreys

Location: Scarborough, Ont.

Eight years ago, Lee-Ann Thompson began her specialty cakes company, AlexisCoreys. There, she provides specialty cakes with unique designs and flavors, including wedding, grooms, sweet sixteen and birthday cakes. Ms. Thompson is and continues to grow her expertise in specialty cakes, creation of unique cakes and designs, and weddings. Continue reading

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Teresa Roberts

Roberts_88058Title: Software Quality Specialist

Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Location: Los Alamos, N.M.

For the past 31 years, Mrs. Teresa Roberts has been serving in the software engineering arena, and currently works for the nuclear science facility, Los Alamos National Laboratory.Prior to joining Los Alamos National Laboratory, she worked for Technical Resource Connection, Inc., Centerline Software LLC, MadenTech Consulting, Object International, and Texas Instruments Incorporated. Mrs. Roberts attributes her success to her leadership skills, passion for her profession and the support she receives from her husband. Continue reading

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