Susan Casey

f410471c35aa49ca948d8809daa9f7ecTitle: Manager Government Program Policy Services

Company: Alberta Blue Cross

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Having worked as a pharmacist for nearly 30 years, in hospital and community pharmacies, Susan Casey decided to change the direction of her career 10 years ago. She accepted a position with NorQuest College to set up and teach the new Pharmacy Technician program and a year later joined Alberta Blue Cross. Now, as manager of Government Program Policy Services, she works closely with the provincial government to help implement their policy around supplemental health benefit programs.  Ms Casey provides expertise and leadership on provincial and national health policy and administration, manages policy development related to provider agreements and continues her networking within the pharmaceutical and government communities. Continue reading

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Sigrid Zenger

c0a6e57b36cf44dbbc049d7760ca32b6Title: Lead Architect, Partner

Company: Oxygen Architects AB

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Sigrid Zenger has held a variety of positions throughout her career. She assisted a stage designer at the Bavarian State Theatre and Bavarian Theatre Academy. She worked with scenographic light design and interior design for several architecture offices in Germany and Sweden as freelance and employee. After 2000, she mainly worked with urban planning and housing projects. In 2005, Ms. Zenger was the head of the local department of Arkitektmagasinet in Malmö. Since 2008, Ms. Zenger was the lead architect and partner at oxygen architects and a guest teacher at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Continue reading

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Hanna Wyse

etwatermark.phpTitle: Model

Company: Image Makers Models and Talent Agency

Location: Cumberland, N.H.

Garnering eight gorgeous years as a model at Image Makers Models and Talent Agency, Hanna Wyse continues to pose and find different shoots and gigs that draw from her talent. As she is an expert in teaching fitness and nutrition, she and her students thrive off of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining purity within their daily deity and exercise, which she also benefits as a model. In five years, Ms. Wyse wants to continue her modeling career. Continue reading

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Lena Sisson

$RFDOTSTTitle: Owner, Director, Program Designer

Company: Lingua Natal

Location: Solana Beach, Calif.

Within her 32-year career path, Lena Sisson initially began in her profession after having a successful career teaching French and English in Uruguay. She married and moved to the U.S. with her husband and daughter, who they adopted from Brazil. Ms. Sisson started KidSchool Foreign Language Center as the solution to not being able to find a school to teach her Spanish-speaking daughter French and English, and has since been their owner, director and program designer. Continue reading

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Odile Roujol

77804155911b434d842302c9b3c91163Title: Chief Strategy and Data Officer

Company: Orange France

Location: Paris, France

Odile Roujol has 20 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry. In 1996, she integrated the L’Oréal group by taking the direction of the Lancôme brand in France and the United States in 2003. In September 2009, she joined France Telecom-Orange as director marketing clients for large public activities Orange France. In April 2010, she became director of brand and communication of Orange France, before being appointed director of strategy and client data in October 2013. Continue reading

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Tammie Rempe

91ef0d98b6ee4db5b3046a2ae5ffc722Title: Nutritional Services Director

Company: Thompson School District

Location: Fort Collins, Colo.

Tammie Rempe became involved in her profession 34 years ago because she has always had a passion for food service, and knew she could make a difference in the industry. For the past 21 years, she has served as nutritional services director at Thompson School District, managing 32 school sites and 120 employees, overseeing nutritional programs and budgets, and analyzes bids and policies. In five years, Ms. Rempe plans to retire and obtain a position within a private practice, where she can focus on child nutrition, wellness and teaching. Continue reading

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