Kylie Kelly

kylie-kellyTitle: Director

Company: Job Connect Global

Location: Wynnun West, QLD

Kylie Kelly is an executive and entrepreneur who has presided over a vigorous expansion of her business. She currently serves as director of Job Connect Global, a recruitment and employment services company with a proven reputation for providing quality temporary and permanent staff to employers. Job Connect Global is based in Australia, with a proven reputation in providing quality temporary and permanent staff to employers, and a proven reputation for providing opportunities and caring about job seekers. They offer more than 15 years of Local, State, National and International experience and knowledge. Ms. Kelly advises young professionals entering their career is to never give up and keep making strides going forward. Continue reading

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Toni Jett-Evans

asbestos-removal-servicesTitle: President

Company: T&T Abatement Contractor Services, Inc.

Location: Wallburg, N.C.

Initially, Toni Jett-Evans became involved in her profession because she is a licensed real estate broker, and her husband is a contractor. With combined expertise, they decided to establish a demolition company together called, T&T Abatement Contractor Services, Inc. And as their president for the past three years, Ms. Jett-Evans oversees daily administrative functions and visits job sites when necessary. Continue reading

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Sue Jensen.

793c0eb0e2a843459b825f6e1c7a7b28Title: Independent Bookkeeper and Accountant

Location: Toronto, Ont.

In 1999, Ms. Jensen was a featured artist at the Skylight Gallery in Aurora, Ontario, which exhibited her watercolor paintings. In 2006, she took part in the Third Annual Art Show at a local stained glass studio, and was again recognized for her creative talent. She was awarded a prize for the Best Overall Display, and also received an Honorable Mention for glass fusing. In creating the award-winning table display, Ms. Jensen used a watercolor painting that she had done previously as a jumping-off point.

Ms. Jensen re-created the painting, a still life, in two different ways, and placed one of these re-creations to each side of the painting. Toward the left, she featured a fused-glass piece with a bottle of red wine, cheese, and grapes; toward the right, she grouped a few wine-bottle stoppers with a fused glass inset near a plate bearing a real bottle of wine and a full goblet. To complete the setting, she added real cheese, grapes and crackers on a cutting board centered in front of of the picture. Recalling her participation in the event, Ms. Jensen says, ‘Because I was new to glass fusing, I only received an honorable mention, but the whole experience was a lot of fun and I was very proud of my accomplishment.’ In addition to being a successful businesswoman and artist, Ms. Jensen is an avid gardener, and would like to write a book on gardening in the future.

Ms. Jensen explains, “While I am very involved in bookkeeping and accounting, gardening and art, I am also very passionate about good health and anti-aging. Through life experiences and much research, I have found that quality natural supplements and better food choices can help to give us a better quality of life. This is why I have chosen to be an independent distributor for AwarenessLife and Shaklee Canada. It’s a tough world out there and we are constantly bombarded with things that compromise our health and overall well-being. I’ve been using AwarenessLife products for 15 years and Shaklee products for one and a half years. While these are not the only products I use, these two organizations are my way of reaching out to others in the hope of helping them to also have a healthier and better quality of life.” In five years, Ms. Jensen would like to expand her income capabilities with multiple streams of income.

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Fiona Homes

92bacd5274cb40a7bc8b44b4d28eef6fTitle: Director

Company: Laronkarn Ltd.

Location: Malvern, Worcestershire, UK

Honing in on 20 years of organizational and business management experience, Fiona Homes thrives in her 12th year as director of Laronkarn Ltd. Through this consultancy, she helps provide vertebrate repellents and other agrochemicals, and conducts operations with niche expertise in operations organization. In five years, Ms. Homes would like to become knowledgeable about regulations. Continue reading

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Paula Hodkinson

gdg-logoTitle: Customer Care Director

Company: Glen Dimplex Home Appliances

Location: Warrington, U.K.

For nearly a quarter of a decade, Paula Hodkinson built up her value in customer care administration. Within the past 12 years, she has been with Glen Dimplex Home Appliances providing services as their customer care director. There, she manufactures and distributes large domestic appliances, runs sales functions, qualifies field engineers, and oversees all daily operations. In five years, Ms. Hodkinson intends to have the company be seen as the best in the country and eventually across the globe. Continue reading

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