Lina Svedin

lina.pngTitle: Associate Professor in the Political Science Department

Company: University of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Lina Svedin’s research interests include crises and crisis management, ethics in public administration, accountability mechanisms, trust in government, perceptions of risk and risk regulation, the interaction between public and private actors in administration, and public policy. Before joining the University of Utah, she worked as training director the Swedish National Center on Crisis Research and Training and as an area specialist in crisis management for the Swedish government. Recent publications include ‘Organizational Cooperation in Crises’ (2009, Ashgate); ‘Risk Regulation in the European Union and the United States: Controlling Chaos’ (2010, Palgrave); ‘Ethics and Crisis Management’ (2011, Information Age Publ.); ‘Accountability in Crises and Public Trust in Governing Institutions’ (2012, Routledge). Continue reading

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Beatrice Straub-Blum

eedd596c53064dbcb8a9d28bf6be7d9fTitle: Coach, ECA with CAS Corporate Healthcare Management

Company: Business Vital

Location: Neuenegg, Switerzland

Garnering six years of experience in personal and professional coaching, Beatrice Straub-Blum is happy to be working in her first year at Business Vital, a health care, business and personal coaching firm. As master coach, she provides Buiness Vital with expertise in personal conflict resolution, fatigue and burnout, changes after 40, developing visions, goals and competence, and corporate health management. In five years, Ms. Straub-Blum intends to become totally independent and work for her company. Continue reading

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Sonya Sharpless

0_0_0_0_250_312_csupload_62621917Title: Surgical Oncologist

Company: North Shore Advanced Surgery

Location: Highland Park, Ill.

Celebrating her 20th year as a surgical oncologist at North Shore Advanced Surgery, Dr. Sonya Sharpless continues to help treat melanoma, breast cancer, sarcoma, and thyroid cancer. Specifically, she sees newly diagnosed patients and organizes them for surgeries or radiation, and works with as part of a team to get them treated. Dr. Sharpless also gives community outreach talks to educate the public on cancer, and believes it’s through these and her patients’ word of mouth, her success blooms, as advertisement has never been something she needed to do for her services. Continue reading

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Elayne Sanders

$RHLPV6FTitle: High School English Teacher (Retired)

Location: Flower Mound, TX

Having taught for nearly four decades, Elayne Sanders retired as a high school English teacher, but primarily garnered 30 years of special education. As an expert in grammar and writing, she functioned as a resource teacher for special education students, while teaching English to students in grades nine through 12 for 14 years. Ms. Sanders attributes her seasoned success to her creative teaching methods, which enable her to cater to the needs of each student. Continue reading

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Mariana Ristea

0640bc6207be498bad38a7915d6bbc0dTitle: Executive Director for Research and Curriculum

Company: The Center for Research, Curriculum and Instruction

Location: New York

Wielding a nearly 20 year background as a mathematics educator for both public and private high school students, Dr. Mariana Ristea continues on in her fourth year at The Center for Research, Curriculum and Instruction. As their current executive director for research and curriculum, she maintains responsibility for working with school districts to develop strategic planning for assessing both staff and students. She also provides them with expertise in leading of the overall educational progressive program design, value-added services to teachers’ programs based on students’ assessment data, and psychometric analysis of local and standardized curricula in providing staff development. In five years, Dr. Ristea will be helping in the development of the educational process in the United States. Continue reading

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