France Allard

82171aa211134f31a83839be04cee4d7Title: Research Director

Company: Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon

Location: Lyon, France

With an acute expertise in radiative transfer and model atmospheres, Dr. France Allard continues in her 16th year as research director for Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon. Harnessing 24 years of seasoned experiences, she continues throughout her work-week researching based on laboratory data to construct computer models to help produce or predict temperature atmosphere profile bio-signatures on planets to learn about cloud formation. While with Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon, she received a Ph.D. in modeling atmospheres of M-Dorf through the Université de Lyon. In five years, Dr. Allard intends to become a lab doctor. Continue reading

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Marilyn Chambers

f6ef9b16c8774572bb2e5fe699c850efTitle: Designer, Owner

Company: Excessorize With Marilyn

Location: Dallas, Texas

Ms. Marilyn Chambers is a fashion accessories representative with a showroom in Dallas, Texas. She has been a manufacturers’ representative for 30 years. She got her start in the fashion industry before working for furniture retail companies, and has been dealing in fashion accessories for the last 12 years. She has had an article published in Accessory Magazine and spoken at various industry events. Currently, she is president of her own fashion and accessories retail line, Excessorize With Marilyn, Inc., and has sustained her company since 2000. In five years, Ms. Chambers plans to continue growing and progressing in the fashion industry. Continue reading

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Kathleen Coffey

c5626b7fc50a457a947b6252303b8409Title: Managing Director

Company: Sentio Engineering

Location: Calgary, Alberta

From a very early age, Ms. Kathleen Coffey was interested in how things worked and was encouraged to explore her interests through the engineering field. Now, having been in the field for more than 26 years, she continues to expand her engineering skill sets through expertise including problem solving, innovation, project management, and process design. For the past two years, she has served Sentio Engineering as their managing director, providing fluid operation in facility design and construction for the oil and gas industries. In five years, Ms. Coffey aims to create a safe environment in which to work, while providing excellent service to her clients. She also plans to simultaneously enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with her clients. Her clients will benefit from her services as she continues to enhance her skill set. Continue reading

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Irma Jean Eufinger

3eb6f738d0794e3491fe88301a1290b0Title: Occupational Health Nurse

Company: Oklahoma City-County Health Department

Location: Oklahoma City, Okla.

Wielding 54 years in public health nursing, Irma Jean Eufinger has spent the past 13 years as an occupational health nurse in the Oklahoma City-County Health Department. As she helps promote public health, protection and education, she creates awareness to the neighborhood regarding communicable diseases, helping rid the community of illness. Ms. Eufinger also acts as a liaison regarding immunizations for domestic and international travelers, working with the community and the employees, and educating employees on nursing health topics. Continue reading

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Kortney Flete

MEDEX 2012 combat support hospital operationalTitle: Staff Administrative Assistant

Company: 228th Combat Support Hospital

Location: Converse, Texas

After relocating to Texas and utilizing the temporary position that was available, Kortney Flete has since been stationed as staff administrative assistant for the past six years at the 228th Combat Support Hospital. Having garnered 15 years of administrative support services, she continues to help the military hospital provide placement of medical professional administration into the active duty U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves troops. Ms. Flete believes it’s her insatiable motivation that keeps her successful in such an ever-growing field. Continue reading

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