Teresa Waters

fc9e04e138944c7ea54b8945019ed6d7Title: Owner

Company: Lahaina Animal Farm & Guest Ranch

Location: Lahaina-Maui, Hawaii

Initially, Teresa Waters became involved in her profession because she always made a living by selling, and wanted to give back to the community. She always loved horses. She has been in Maui 26 years and wanted to provide sustainability. Within the past seven years, Ms. Waters has established Lahaina Animal Farm & Guest Ranch as a premiere hospitality resort, including a guest house, petting zoo, and wedding and corporate meeting hustings. Continue reading

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Willa Theus

NAPW_Logo_(big)Title: President of the Cleveland Local Chapter

Company: National Association of Professional Women

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Wielding 14 years professional educational experience, Willa Theus celebrates her first year as president of the Cleveland local chapter of the National Association of Professional Women. As a networking organization for women in the workforce, National Association of Professional Women relies on her expertise in event organization, education and teaching to provide educational programs, career solutions, and marketing to members. Ms. Theus has been honored with the NAPW award, and was once granted $2,500 through NASA. Continue reading

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Sue Szylvester

fab4064291ce4d5a85ec022a0dc1ea69Title: Managing Director

Company: Blackshoe Pty Ltd

Location: Morningside, QLD

Celebrating her first year as managing director of Blackshoe Pty Ltd, Sue Szylvester brings the marketing and advertising company 20 years of strong negotiation, seasoned recruitment, training and mentorship of staff, and pretension skills, having spoken at global conferences to 450 delegates and present at board level. While helping Blackshow Pty Ltd provide customers with strategic marketing advice, and advertising and creative solutions, she draws upon her expertise in marketing, advertising, branding, business development, retail, strategic planning, budgeting, and direct marketing. The highlight of Ms. Szylvester’s career was seeing the brand grow from no brand awareness to worldwide recognition within 10 years. Continue reading

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Dianne Stetler

8b357e4137f04f599a06200729443700Title: Vice President

Company: R-Bar-D Stables LLC

Location: Green Springs, Ohio

Ms. Stelter raised and bred championship horses, some of which she sold to other families. Even when the horses move on, she keeps pictures of them, and they always stay in her family’s heart and mind. Her daughter, Andrea Bender, has followed in her family’s footsteps. She owns Mud Stock Equestrian Stables in Ohio, which handles boarding, training and works with the 4-H Youth Development Organization. Ms. Stetler’s other daughter, Mindy Morris, previously worked with children who are wards of the state. Continue reading

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Simone Ravicz

Dr.SimoneBannerWEB.BannerRevisedTitle: Certified Business and Life Coach, Brain Coach, Author, Speaker

Location: Palm Springs, Calif.

Just this year, Dr. Simone Ravicz launched her new book, ‘Brain Boosters: 7 Ways to Help Your Brain Help Yourself’ in August, 2014 in Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com and e-readers. Currently, she’s in her fifth year as a certified business and life coach, brain coach, author and speaker, garnering 22 years in the coaching, psychology and neuro sciences arenas. Throughout her work-week, Dr. Ravicz helps others by eliminating stress and other blocks to success, helping them have a more optimistic outlook and achieve change, and helping clients overcome their fear of success or failure. Continue reading

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