Natalia Cediel

24b452cd784749089eba98b0a8f4ce30Title: Owner

Company: 360 Makeover Studio

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Ms. Cediel is a driven, progressive marketing strategist and entrepreneur with more than four years of experience in marketing and sales, as well as developing and executing successful marketing campaigns. Her mission is not only to help women look and feel beautiful, but to explore potential in people and develop strategic direct and online marketing solutions that generate profit. She sets herself apart from her peers because she started out without a lot of money. The most gratifying aspect of her career is being able to live a life in which she feels complete, and where she gets to help other women achieve their goals not only physically, but mentally. She has also managed to build a worldwide network force that supports most of her adventures. She is driven by her desire to make her family proud, and prove that with passion and determination; not even the sky is the limit. This is just a stepping stone to a lot of projects Ms. Cediel wants to incorporate into a full 360 makeover, thus the name of her company 360 Makeover Studio. Continue reading

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Denise Amiot

b96ed040b74142e4b10cb8656804b854Title: 1) Assistant Principal 2) Adjunct Professor

Company: 1) Amelia High School 2) Xavier University

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

With an insatiable desire to share her knowledge and ideas with others, Denise Amiot garners 34 years of expertise in special education teaching and administration. Currently, she provides her services to Amelia High School and Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. As assistant principal of Amelia High School, she meets with teachers and students on a daily basis, providing positive change within their lives. As adjunct professor at Xavier University, Ms. Amiot mentors students and teaches pursuing licensure in administration and teaching, while conducting classes on teaching special education and human development.

Ms. Amiot initially became involved in her profession because of her experience working for the Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in education from Xavier University, then went across the street there-after at University of Cincinnati to receive a Master of Education. Ms Amiot is currently in the pursuit of earning a doctoral degree at Walden University, specializing in administrative leadership for teaching and learning.

Since graduation, Ms. Amiot has kept abreast of changes in her profession through her memberships with the Council for Exceptional Children and Phi Delta Kappa International. During her free-time, she supports the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the American Cancer Society. In five years, Ms. Amiot aspires to earn a doctoral degree.

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Dawn Yoshii

Title: Chief of Acceptance Implementation Policy

Company: United States Military Entrance Processing Command Headquarters

Location: Beach Park, Ill.0c99cbc

Celebrating nearly three decades of experience, Dawn Yoshii continues to refine her skills within the military support services arena. Having been with the company for 27 years, she continues to support United States Military Entrance Processing Command Headquarters to ensure they provide software testing services to government defensive factions. Ms. Yoshii currently holds the position of chief of acceptance implementation policy. Continue reading

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Mai Vik

ab5bdd464130489ca6003268a71270edTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: AFF

Location: Bergen, Norway

The most gratifying aspect of Mai Vik’s career is that even though Norway is a small country, AFF has managed to excel in its field and has been ranked by The Financial Times to be one of the top leadership and organizational development companies in the world. AFF reaching this position has been a great gratification to her and it is something that she is proud of. She helps consult in the area of leadership and organizational development for her clients. AFF is on the The Financial Times’ Top 50 list of Excellent Leadership Development Institutions. In the next five years, Ms. Vik intends to continue to make a positive impact through consulting and mentoring, while working part time. Continue reading

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Brenda Storey

ace986e4a5cb485dbdfadd816a769298Title: Attorney

Company: The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C.

Location: Denver, Colo.

Having studied child psychology while obtaining a Bachelor of Science at Colorado State University, Brenda Storey began to recognize the effects in youth, and decided that family law was the path she ultimately needed to take as a professional. As she wields 20 garnered years in the legal arena, it has only been the last two years she has been providing services under the title, The Law Offices of Brenda L. Storey, P.C. In five years, Ms. Storey intends to continue to serve her community with their family law needs. Continue reading

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